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The Dance Floor.

The dance floor at The Cheshire Event Barn is simply incredible. Located in the rear centre of the Barn, it serves as the pulsating heart of the venue. What sets it apart is the top-of-the-range sound system built into the ceiling. This innovative feature ensures that the music on the dance floor is booming, creating an energetic atmosphere that will have everyone grooving all night long. The best part is that the sound is carefully controlled, so it never becomes overbearing throughout the rest of the venue. This means your guests can comfortably chat at the bar or seating area, ensuring everybody has a great time. 

Whether you choose to have live entertainment, hire a DJ, or curate your own playlist, one thing is for sure — the dance floor will be buzzing until late evening. The dance floor at The Cheshire Event Barn is the perfect setting to let loose and have an unforgettable time.

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Built-in sound system.

The clever over-head sound system ensures the perfect volume on the dance floor as well as the rest of the venue,

The heart of the venue.

The dance floor is strategically located in the centre of the venue for the ultimate party atmosphere.

Stage for live entertainment.

Directly to the left of the dance floor is a purpose built stage for live performers or DJs to do their thing.

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The perfect size & shape.

Not too small to fit everybody, not so big that it ruins the atmosphere, our dance floor is the perfect size.

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